May 2012

Got To Be NC Festival/White Lake Water Festival

Wow! What a great weekend! 5/18-20/2012

GAMMS is getting out there! We sent Greg, Michael, Sherri and Tracy to Raleigh for the Got To Be NC Festival in Raleigh and Bonnie, Britny, Cecelia, Ila, Jordan, Madison, Mike, Morgan and Bowden to White Lake Water Festival in White Lake.

We met many new friends and we hope FANS of GAMMS.  Thanks for all the positive comments, thoughts and prayers.

Keep an eye on the calendar for where we will be next. Also watch the Where to buy – we are adding stores!! We may be near you soon!

Shallotte Brunswick Stew Festival 2012

We enjoyed our time at the festival.  We met many great people and even converted a few sauce fans.  At least they added to their collection.

We met Simitrio Ruiz, NC Swamp logger.  Check out his website ( and on facebook. He loves our sauce too!!!


We are getting really excited about the Wilmington Wine and Chocolate Festival! Things are coming together. Maybe not the way we had planned but a few bumps in the road can only lead us to success!

The past few months have been a big learning experience. Bottling. Testing. Health Department. Prepping and preparing. Website design. Oh My! We have worked with some great people at D’Vine Foods in Elizabethtown, NC , Goodness Grows in NC in Raleigh, NC, and of course the Willmington Wine and Chocolate Festival committee in Wilmington, NC. Thanks to all our friends and family for your support. We have been blessed in so many ways and we will never be able to thank everyone individually who has helped guide us through the thick and thin. The thoughts and prayers and the many trials and tribulations will only make us stronger.

If in the Wilmington area come on by. Hope to see you there!



We had an awsome weekend at the Wilmington Wine and Chocolate Festival. It was our best day of sales yet! Thanks Wilmington! We did not know what to expect. Friday evening slow paced but Saturday we were slammed. Sunday was also a good steady day. For anyone livng in the area Worms and Coffee in Shallotte, NC is now carrying Gamms Sauce. Saturday we made 250 slider hamburgers for our demonstration. They were such a big hit we converted a man who had not eaten beef in 15 years. He heard all the compliments and had to try one.Thank you to all our new and returning patrons, Marianna, Paula, and Chris and the Festival. We look forward to next year. Hope you all enjoyed your GAMMS watching Super Bowl XLIV.



We had a wonderful weekend at the Wilmington Wine and Chocolate Festival in Wilmington, NC. Best day of sales yet!!! Did not know what to expect. We were slammed yesterday. Talked to thousands of folks, got tons of compliments, gave away about 250 Gamms Sauce “Sliders” yesteday during our demonstration. We even converted one gentleman who has not eaten beef in 15 years. He said that after he heard all of the compliments, he just had to try it!!!!! Thank you to all of our patrons, Marilyn, Paula and Chris as well as the Wilmington Wine and Chocolate Festival. We look forward to next year and will update where you can get some Gamms Sauce and Cece’s Dry Rub soon.



Oh My! Greg and Michael are filling up the calendar!  GAMMS, LLC will be at many festivals and shows across the state this spring.  We are even having to divide and conquer on at least one weekend.  Watching GAMMS, LLC grow is fun and exciting and of course hard work but I am really enjoying it. Please let us know how we can help you enjoy GAMMS, LLC. Your thoughts and ideas can only make us better! Don’t forget to check out the recipe section – adding to it often. Let us know your favorites and any new recipes you have tried! Thanks for your support!



Boys Night/Weekend out! Yep,  Michael, Greg, Brock Sadler, Morgan and Jake Sadler had a great weekend in Charlotte March 3&4 at the C&E Gun Show. They met lots of great folks and had many, many compliments. Heading to Fayetteville, NC April 7&8 C&E Gun Show. Hope to see you there!!! Also just added another trip to the beach! Heading to Shallotte, NC for the 4th Annual Brunswick Stew Cookoff April 21-22. Come on down! Sun and Fun and lots of good eating!!!!  Thanks for your continued support.


Hello Everyone!

I had a great time with Michael and Greg at the Fayetteville, NC April 7&8 C&E Gun Show. We are very excited about the festivals and other shows coming up.  We will be heading to the beach this weekend!!!  Come have some fun in Shallotte, NC for the 4th annual Brunswick Stew Festival.  Yep, I’ll be taste testing!!! It will be me, Michael and Greg again.  Come see us and enjoy some fun in the sun and good eating!

I’m hoping to get Paypal up and running soon!  Please feel free to call or email us anytime for the orders until then.

Thanks for your continued love and support.



Hey GAMMS fans!

Had a great time in Shallotte at the 4th Annual Brunswick Stew Festival.  Met some great people and made new friends and fans! I ate some great Brunswick stew! Even stopped by Worms and Coffee in Bolivia, NC.  Mike dropped by and stocked up!!! Please stop by if you are out of GAMMS and say hello.

We will be in Kinston for the BBQ Festival on the Neuse.  Michael and Greg are competing in the Hog Happenin” Pig Picking Competition.  Wish them luck!! We will be set up at the Vender’s Market. There is LOTS of others stuff going on too. Music, crafts, kids stuff, 4-H, historical tours and on and on!! check out the website.

Many thanks for the thoughts and prayers this past week with the loss of Bonnie’s father, Gerry Hobbs. (Michael’s father-in-law). They have been blessed with the many friends and family to get them through this difficult time.